Bacon Party

Because I <3 Bacon

First Post

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on February 11, 2008

Welcome to my Bacon Party blog. Due to my excessive appreciation for the fine meat known as bacon, I’ve decided to throw a bacon party. My friend and partner in crime, Mike, thought that it would be a good idea to document the entire process via video, and as a compliment to that (and a place to provide video snippets) I created this blog space.


The hosts will be Mike and I. Currently the guest list is limited to friends and friends of friends who have an appreciation for bacon. No appreciation means no invite. There’s just no reason to waste good bacon on those who scowl at us and consider us crazy. Losers.


A bacon party of course. Think cocktail party, but instead of various inebriating beverages we will be serving a variety of bacon-oriented delicacies. And some inebriating beverages – with a bacon theme of course.


Likely the weekend of March 9th. Though I may postpone it until the 16th. We’ll see. Video and photo documentary will likely not begin until later this week as Mike is busy with other commitments. But trust me, it will come.


My place. For fear of the entire internet showing up on the day of the party due to the overwhelming love of nature’s candy (yes, that’s bacon, not raisins; raisins are nature’s turd imho), I’ve decided not to publish the actual address. However if you’re really interested in attending and live in Toronto, leave a comment/email and I’ll see what I can do. References should be available upon request (i.e. if I or my friends don’t know you you might have issues getting past the bouncer).


Because bacon is nature’s candy. And the pig is, to quote Homer Simpson, a “wonderful, magical animal”. And because I’d like to see just how versatile bacon really is. After all, I’ve been saying for years that bacon should be a part of every meal.


Well, that’s what this blog hopes to explain, beginning with the various bits of bacon-related paraphernalia (who knew it was spelled that way? I hope firefox isn’t lying to me) I own, moving into the scrumptious bacony dishes we will make, and finishing off with the party preparations and party itself. I hope you enjoy the ride almost as much as I do (it’ll never be AS good since you won’t be eating the bacony goodness, but by all means DO try this at home).


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