Bacon Party

Because I <3 Bacon

Planning Begins

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on February 19, 2008

Mike and I have homework.  His is to obtain a bottle of vodka by Friday so that we can begin preparations of Bacon Vodka.  Mine is to obtain a pound of bacon by the same time (and obviously for the same reason).  It takes 3 weeks to prepare, so we’ve solidified the party date to March 15th.

We will also begin the documentary filming and will plan the menu on Friday, so expect some exciting footage (or at least pictures) by the end of the weekend.

And finally on the homework front I am working on the Evite. I hope to combine the Facebook event and the Evite into one (i.e. the Facebook event will likely just have a link to the Evite).  I will also be publicizing this blog in the Evite, so if you’re reading this because you’ve already been invited, congratulations for making the cut.


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