Bacon Party

Because I <3 Bacon


Posted by Garth Gutenberg on July 14, 2008

It seems that after the actual event I was too baconed out even to write another blog entry.  So here I am, 4 months later on the other side of the world writing what will likely be the last post for this particular party (though I’m sure in the future there will be other parties that I throw using this blog as a sounding board).  I was going to make this all bloglike and pretty it all up, but it’s 4 months later and I’m lazy.  And since there may be some new traffic here due to links on facebook and the International Bacon Day blog, I figure visitors should at least get to see some party shots.  So without further adieu, here they are.

Party Pics

Video review of the Bacon Vodka (hmm… seems you actually have to be logged in to facebook to see that video – if there’s demand I’ll try to figure out a way to put it here, so leave comments if you don’t have a facebook account and want to see what two pseudo-sophisticated reviewers had to say about the bacon vodka)

I’d also like to add here a few words of wisdom for anyone throwing a bacon party.

  • Try really hard to include something with vegetables in it if at all possible.  I didn’t, and though everything was delicious, it was richness overkill.
  • Buy all your bacon from a good butcher.  It’s waaay cheaper than buying from the supermarket and the cut of meat is far superior.  Also, they sell them in 10 lb boxes! 🙂
  • The Schlenkerla Smokebeer was the greatest complimentary beer ever.  If you’re having a bacon party, and you want beer there, I highly recommend trying to source some of this stuff.  It’s well worth the effort.
  • The Bacon and Garlic Dip and the Cheese and Bacon Cornbread were HUGE hits.  The cornbread vanished so fast I barely got to try some myself.  The Bacon Candy disappeared almost as fast (and I actually recall one individual who literally licked the plate when it was all gone).
  • We cooked all the bacon on the George Foreman G5 (with the exception of the stuff that was cooked in the oven as per the recipe).  I believe that this saved us a huge amount of time, but not only that it saved us a huge amount of mess and made the bacon less fatty and much tastier.  I think we ended up collecting about a litre of bacon drippings after all was said and done.

Oh, and if you’re curious as to why I’m on the other side of the world or what I’m doing (or maybe even who I am), you can check out my other, more commonly updated blog at Dosboy’s Bits & Bytes.

Happy porking.


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Bacon Chili Recipe

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on July 14, 2008

Thanks to my mother and her creative culinary skillz, I present to you her recipe for Bacon Chili(TM).

Bacon 3 lbs-cooked on George Foreman Grill, then cut into 1″ pieces
Tomatoes-Chili Style- 2 cans
Onion 1 large, chopped and browned in bacon fat!
Beans-5 cans-1 each of Garbonzo, Black, Lentils & 2 of Red Kidney
Chili powder-bought in packages-Hot ‘n Spicy-3 packages
Carrots -0.5 cup grated
Garlic Salt–generously–
Pepper– generously

Simmer, stirring frequently X 2 hours.


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Bacon Induced Hangover

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on March 16, 2008

The bacon party was a rousing success.  Much bacon was consumed and everyone seemed to have a good time.  I got drunk on Smokebeer and Bacon-Infused Vodka (which really tasted more like super peppery infused vodka – but that’s a story for another post).  All in all I’d say a good time was had by all.  More details, pictures, etc. will come later this week (I would say tomorrow but its St. Paddy’s day, so I highly doubt that I’ll be in any condition to blog).  For those of you that came out, thanks for making the party a success.  For those of you that didn’t, you missed a good party and a lot of bacony goodness.  That is all for now… I need to nurse my hangover.

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Pre-Day Prep

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on March 15, 2008

Kat came over tonight around 7:30. Jordan showed up around 9. Between the three of us we whipped through a lot of dishes.

Bacon Candy – Check!
Chocolate Covered Bacon – Check!
Maple Bacon Cupcakes – Check!
Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies – Check!
Bacon and Garlic Dip – Check! (ok, this actually needs to be baked but it’s mostly done)

All that’s left tomorrow is:

Bread Sticks
Scrambled Eggs

and heating the Chili. All in all an uber-productive evening. I totally owe Jordan and Kat a night of drinking. The only negative is that Jordan seemed to think he was sick (i.e. he wanted to vomit) due to the excess of bacon smoke / scent in my condo. But I think he’s a bit of a bacon lightweight. Either way, tomorrow promises to be an extravagant evening. I just hope all of the guests agree.

In retrospect, the bacon cup BLTs or the other bacon tomato thing would’ve been good.  As it stands there’s an excessive amount of bacon and not much (i.e. nil) in the way of vegetables or anything else remotely healthy.  Hell, eating a cookie right now doubles my heart rate and makes me feel like I need to go to the hospital.  But wtf, eh?  You only live once, and most of those lives don’t even involve a bacon party! 🙂

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Posted by Garth Gutenberg on March 12, 2008

Just finished the party shopping run.  All in all Kat was uber efficient and we whipped through it.

Total spent ~= $139

Not too bad really.  7 lbs of bacon cost me $28.  Added to the 2 lbs still in the fridge and the 3 lbs in the chili this party will include a grand total of 12 lbs of bacon.  Assuming that there’s no food left at the end of the party (highly unlikely) that will mean that each person will have consumed almost a pound of bacon.  Mmmm…. bacon.

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Posted by Garth Gutenberg on March 10, 2008

The menu is pretty much finalized. There’s one item that may not make the final cut, but only due to the extreme amount of effort involved. Also, due to circumstances outside of his control, Mike will no longer be co-hosting. However Kat has graciously stepped up and is excited to be a part of the party planning committee, so I’m not in this alone. So, without further adieu, I present the menu of bacony goodness.

Bacon and Garlic Dip
Bacon Party Bread Sticks
Bacon Popcorn

Bacon Chili
Cheese and Bacon Cornbread
Bacon and Tomato Cups
Bacon Bowl BLT (this particular item may be removed due to complexity; we shall see)
Bacon Salt Scrambled Eggs (mostly for Kat due to her inability to consume solid food, but there will be enough for others to sample as well)

Maple Bacon Cupcakes w/ Maple Frosting
Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Maple Cinnamon Glaze
Chocolate Bacon
Bacon Candy

Schlenkerla Smokebeer
The Bacon Mary
The Bacotini
Bacon Shots

Fallback (i.e. if people are still hungry or more people show up than anticipated)
Peanut Butter, Bacon Sandwiches

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Contextual Ads

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on March 8, 2008

I sent the proposed menu to Mike via Gmail, and when I was reading his response I noticed the Gmail AdWords. Since I got such a chuckle out of them I figured I’d share. Note that the menu is pretty much finalized and will be published here later today, so stay tuned.

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Vodka and Paraphernalia

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on February 27, 2008

Today I’m making the decision to keep this blog up-to-date even if it doesn’t involve pictures or anything fancy. The reason for this is that (as some of you readers may know) I’m currently computerless, save for my smartphone and Mike’s Eee PC, neither of which makes for very robust blog posts. But, I will persevere.

So last night Mike and I began the process of bacon vodka. I realize that it won’t actually get to infuse for a full 3 weeks, but I think 2.5 is sufficient. Mike filmed the process and in addition to seeing it in his bacumentary I will be posting clips when he gets around to doing some editing. In the meantime, here’s a pic of what the bacon vodka looks like on day 2:

Vodka Bottle

And here’s a closeup of the bacony, peppercorny goodness:


Looks pretty … um … gross. I know. But once it’s infused, stuck in the freezer to solidify the fat, and strained using a coffee filter we should end up with some tasty bacony vodka.

As for paraphernalia, here’s a pic of everything I’ve collected over the years:


Here we have some BLT scented candles (individual bacon, lettuce and tomato scents), a pig-shaped bacon press (for keeping the bacon flat in the frying pan), some bacon band-aids, three different varieties of bacon salt (Original, Peppered and Hickory), bacon toilet paper (just has bacon print on it… not actually made of bacon), bacon-flavored toothpicks, bacon mints, a bacon ornament (that we will use as a mistletoe replacement at the partay), and some bacon luggage tags (we considered using these as name tags at the party, but I only have 6 so I’m gonna save them and use them on actual luggage in the near future).

Admittedly the only thing that’s edible here is the salt, but I still think that it should all round out the bacon party well. Maybe I’ll make some bacony streamers or something as well. As for the salt, I had a turkey sandwich last night and added some of the peppered flavor. It was a great addition to the sandwich and adds very little in the way of bad-for-you stuff (it’s just salt after all). Yet it definitely added a bacony flavor. To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, it is so choice. If you have the means I highly recommend picking some up.

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Planning Begins

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on February 19, 2008

Mike and I have homework.  His is to obtain a bottle of vodka by Friday so that we can begin preparations of Bacon Vodka.  Mine is to obtain a pound of bacon by the same time (and obviously for the same reason).  It takes 3 weeks to prepare, so we’ve solidified the party date to March 15th.

We will also begin the documentary filming and will plan the menu on Friday, so expect some exciting footage (or at least pictures) by the end of the weekend.

And finally on the homework front I am working on the Evite. I hope to combine the Facebook event and the Evite into one (i.e. the Facebook event will likely just have a link to the Evite).  I will also be publicizing this blog in the Evite, so if you’re reading this because you’ve already been invited, congratulations for making the cut.

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First Post

Posted by Garth Gutenberg on February 11, 2008

Welcome to my Bacon Party blog. Due to my excessive appreciation for the fine meat known as bacon, I’ve decided to throw a bacon party. My friend and partner in crime, Mike, thought that it would be a good idea to document the entire process via video, and as a compliment to that (and a place to provide video snippets) I created this blog space.


The hosts will be Mike and I. Currently the guest list is limited to friends and friends of friends who have an appreciation for bacon. No appreciation means no invite. There’s just no reason to waste good bacon on those who scowl at us and consider us crazy. Losers.


A bacon party of course. Think cocktail party, but instead of various inebriating beverages we will be serving a variety of bacon-oriented delicacies. And some inebriating beverages – with a bacon theme of course.


Likely the weekend of March 9th. Though I may postpone it until the 16th. We’ll see. Video and photo documentary will likely not begin until later this week as Mike is busy with other commitments. But trust me, it will come.


My place. For fear of the entire internet showing up on the day of the party due to the overwhelming love of nature’s candy (yes, that’s bacon, not raisins; raisins are nature’s turd imho), I’ve decided not to publish the actual address. However if you’re really interested in attending and live in Toronto, leave a comment/email and I’ll see what I can do. References should be available upon request (i.e. if I or my friends don’t know you you might have issues getting past the bouncer).


Because bacon is nature’s candy. And the pig is, to quote Homer Simpson, a “wonderful, magical animal”. And because I’d like to see just how versatile bacon really is. After all, I’ve been saying for years that bacon should be a part of every meal.


Well, that’s what this blog hopes to explain, beginning with the various bits of bacon-related paraphernalia (who knew it was spelled that way? I hope firefox isn’t lying to me) I own, moving into the scrumptious bacony dishes we will make, and finishing off with the party preparations and party itself. I hope you enjoy the ride almost as much as I do (it’ll never be AS good since you won’t be eating the bacony goodness, but by all means DO try this at home).

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